We’re Matt and Anna Bye. We are based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and specialize in wedding and family photography.

Photography is, by our estimation, one of the best ways to artfully capture the true essence and beauty of the individuals and couples we meet. It is our passion and driving purpose to serve our clients through photography.

We were married in our sweet Minneapolis in the fall of 2017.

Hello, we're the Byes

Matt & Anna

We took very different paths to photography.

Anna has a degree in photojournalism and dreamt of working on the staff of newspapers and magazines. She got to live those dreams and ultimately decided she wanted to photograph people on their happiest days. She always has an eye out for fleeting moments and sweet, small encounters: a quick brush of a hand, a shared smile. She endeavors to tell your story with each image she takes.

Matt's journey in photography started in the high school darkroom. Inspired by nature, Matt was drawn to landscape photography. He shot his first wedding in Yosemite National Park, a perfect blending of landscape and portraiture. Matt sees beams of light as possibility, a quick movement as an opportunity to display your best angle. He strives to make your memories into art.

Our shared journey into photography started three months into dating. During our first wedding, we both saw the need for our mix of strengths to achieve the best images for our couples. From then on, we've been learning from each other daily. 

Our Photo story

We rescued a sweet ball of fuzz and he consistently makes our lives happier.

our sweet Gus

While we love our home, seeing new things and experiencing new places makes us feel alive.

traveling together

When we purchased our first house, we had to make sure we could fit all of our friends for dinner and game nights! Hoping we can do this again soon.

hosting friends

Of all the things to add to a good vanilla ice cream, pretzels and chocolate chips are on the top of our list.

pretzels on ice cream

favorite things


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