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Meet Anna Bye

Hi, I'm Anna Bye, the photographer here at The Byes. I'm based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and spend my time helping people remember their most important days. 
I have 10 years of experience and 150 weddings under my belt. I've learned how to both capture the most important parts of your day, while also helping you feel fully yourself. I also love helping people capture the essence of their families in each season of life. From newborn snuggles to toddler cheesy smiles to hard-won teenager smiles, I see each one as an important part of your family's history.
Your experience is the most important piece to me, and I will work tirelessly to assure that you have tangible memories you can treasure forever.
When I'm not photographing, I'm gathering ideas from HGTV or perfecting my latest baked good recipe. But at the end of the night, you'll find me cuddled on the couch with my husband Matt and our golden retriever pups Gus and Juniper.

The journey of The Byes Photo began with me, Anna, alongside my husband Matt, capturing every wedding together. As our family grew, Matt shifted his focus to the business side, channeling his passion into landscape and art photography. Now, I lead the charge, photographing weddings with a skilled team of secondary photographers by my side.
With over ten years of experience and more than 150 weddings captured, I travel all over the country to capture love stories. Armed with a degree in photojournalism, my initial aspiration was to work in news rooms and magazines. However, after living that life, I realized my true calling lay in capturing people on their happiest days.
I'm all about those fleeting moments and tender interactions—a gentle brush of hands, a shared smile. Each image I capture is a narrative thread woven into your story. For me, beams of light signify endless possibilities, and every subtle movement presents an opportunity to showcase your unique love. My mission is to transform your cherished memories into timeless works of art.

Our story

Our lives would be so boring without these two goofballs. Gus is our calm old man and Juniper is our snuggle bug puppy!

our pups

While we love our home, seeing new things and experiencing new places makes us feel alive. You can now purchase prints from our travels!

traveling together

Landscape Prints

When we purchased our first house, we had to make sure we could fit all of our friends for dinner and game nights!

hosting friends

Of all the things to add to a good vanilla ice cream, pretzels and chocolate chips are on the top of my list.

pretzels on ice cream

favorite things

Our little family

Enjoy a glimpse into my life both at home and on my travels with my husband Matt


We would love to hear all about your photography needs, from weddings to newborn to family sessions, we love capturing each memory you make as you make it.

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